hundreds of individuals of all ages and body types, will likely believe, “I’ve seen

lots of naked people before. Why does he want to steal looks at this?” He
might also think, “This is not even what most people look like.”
Growing up without shame
All these things occur to
Fkk kids, also. The one big difference for kids who were blessed enough to grow
Upward in a nudist environment is that those kids have literally seen those
changes take place, as their old friends and siblings went through that
difficult time. Because of that expertise, they’re better prepared for it
We read in the newspapers
almost daily of some teacher, youth leader, church official or some other
trusted individual who took advantage of a kid in a sexual way. With hundreds
of naturist clubs in North America, that difficulty almost never occurs at our
A family that is open
enough to have seasoned nudism, just like a healthy non-nudist family, is
also open enough to have discussed sex abuse with their children. These
Kids understand that they’ll tell their parents immediately if they ever imagine
that something isn’t right.
We’ve been told by
authorities the reason nudist clubs have a very low incidence of sex
offenders is that we’ve got the standing of prosecuting those people, while
until recent years, many other organizations have “swept those issues under a
Carpet”, more concerned with their public image than with the security of the folks
they should have been protecting.
Historically, sex abusers
have felt much safer perpetrating their misdeeds within organizations which have
tried to cover up their problems with molesters.
You may find it
encouraging to know that Naked Buns, and many other naturist clubs, have a quite
good relationship with law enforcement agencies. Some of their policemen are
members of our club. You can be sure that if we were doing anything
Another fact to ponder:
Nearly all sex offenders are males. At a nudist club, it’d be super easy to
tell if a man should happen to become sexually excited.
Some other interesting
We don’t present this
Info in an attempt to try to make ourselves appear to be “better” than
our non-nudist friends; instead, this info could clarify some other
Intriguing observations about nudists’ lives:
The divorce rate is lower
among nudist families, and their kids have a tendency to make better grades than
similar kids in non-nudist families. We do not think that this is BECAUSE
the families are nudists; it’s more likely that the unions are more stable
AND their kids make good grades AND the families are nudists because the family
members tend to convey a little more openly with each other in their own daily
Learning to accept and
Regard all bodies
In those cultures, where
Children see all kinds and ages unclothed, they learn acceptance of the maturing and
aging processes; they do not think they have to have face lifts, boob jobs and
collagen injections to become socially acceptable; they do not grow up believing
“You are what you wear”.
They have probably never had
a instance of a kid being killed for his tennis shoes or his Eddie Bauer coat!
We believe that when Americans
learn to accept the body as natural and , many of our social difficulties
which stem from body acceptance will decline.
For the most part the
Nude cycling that has taken place has been mostly at naturist/nudist
communities and resorts around the world. Little community festivals,
Less traveled roads, mountain trails, and other remote outdoor areas have also
been favourite spots for those looking for peace and fresh air away from their
hectic urban lives.
As streaking became
popularized in 1974, more
All of the groups on this
page have had their own strategy to cycling naked. Some focus on body painting
and participate within the context of early cultural parties. Others use
their body to bring attention to political problems. Some ride at night and others
during the day. Some ride
tricycles, unicycles,
skateboards, rollerskates, or rollerblades. What is your city’s ride going
to be like?
Activist Richard Collins:
“I began frequently cycling naked through
Cambridge in June 2002. After about half dozen excursions I was in the Daily Mail
(Oct 4th), other local and national papers, and on Anglia TV News.
continued throughout 2003 and was in Anglia TV’s ‘Table Talk’ two weeks ago for
1 hour (nude) and referring to bare cycling!
I have
done well over 500 miles nude on roads, country lanes and footpaths cross

who lives in Hardwick, Cambridge has been detained numerous times and released.
Richard says: “My excursions are NOT protests as such but ‘activities’. Simply me
having fun! And exercising my right to bare freedom!”
Q: Nude Boating? Are You Kidding?
A: Not at all! We’ve always enjoyed being naked on our boat. We like the